Are You Listening?

Ann Bannes, Vice President of Home & Community Based Services

This article rings so true, both in my personal life, being a daughter, and then a caregiver for my mom.

I, too, as a child hardly ever listened at least not close enough to hear.  When I became a caregiver for my mom, I noticed she did not listen to me.  Oh, the patterns of life!

What I learned from my caregiver journey is to my mom I was just her daughter – not a professional that works with family caregivers all the time and was actually an expert in the field.

Learning from my own experience, I sought out a third party “ally” to help me with mom when difficult decisions had to be made.  This advice I use with clients and it has also served them well.

Regardless of age, “Listening” is difficult for all of us at various times and hope this article opens our ear so we begin to “hear” each other.

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