A rising trend: Male Caregivers

Ann Bannes, Vice President of Home & Community Based Services

For years, we have known the gentle loving side of the nature of man.

Men who tenderly provide care and support to their spouses, wives, aunts, and sometimes just friends.

Most of us thought only women were capable of this type of devotion but it seems when one needs it most

men shine and I have experience this with many male caregivers.  Beside the movie Iris, which I recommend

everyone see, this article states the rise of men caregivers and tells stories of love. It is a good read.

About St. Andrew’s Senior Solutions

St. Andrew’s Senior Solutions provides seniors and their family caregivers options to address the issues of aging.  With over 47 years of experience and 100+  years combined expertise, St. Andrew’s has the knowledge to ensure elders retain their dignity and receive the respect they deserve.

St. Andrew’s is a leading eldercare provider in the Metropolitan St. Louis area with a National Network to address the needs and wants of seniors in any part of the country. St. Andrew’s excellent reputation for its compassion for the elderly and for their family caregiver is well earned.

You can reach a care manager at (314) 726-726-5766.

Our Vision: A society where all elders are respected, productive, secure and fulfilled.

Our Purpose: To enrich the lives of older adults, ease the stress of their adult children, and enable them to remain safely and independently in their place of choice.

Our Mission: To empower elders and their caregivers through choices and options that foster a vital life.

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