The life of a caregiver

Being a caregiver can be overwhelming as I can remember so well. For the twenty some odd years I took care of my mother, there were times when I was extremely stressed and had little emotional reserve left.

Even being a professional care manager and working with other caregivers, I was slow to realize that I too needed support and counseling. When it finally became so apparent to me I found my own care manager who was there to listen, support and provide guidance. Thereafter, on a weekly basis I made sure I found the time to meet with my care manager.

After my stress was minimized I found I was enjoying the time with my mother and no longer feeling like caring for someone else was a burden. A lesson learned was we all need someone to listen and be there for us. My advice to all those who are caring for an older adult is to find someone else to talk to and be there for support.

Also, check out our website for other helpful tools to support you through your caregiver’s journey or share your own caregiver story.

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