The importance of a senior advocate

The holidays bring families together to relive past events, make new memories and just enjoy each other’s company.  The holidays can also cause new awareness to parents aging and the concerns begin.They are now family caregivers – worried and concerned over their parents’ ability to remain at home or if a decision needs to be made to move to an senior living community.  This choice is difficult and the pros and cons of all the options are not always clear.  A senior advocate is helpful to identify all the concerns and to present all the choices and options so an informed decision can be made by all parties involved.

Before that final decision, families need to know the differences between home care, independent living, assisted living and a skilled nursing facility.  Working with an advocate will make the decision easier but one can do it alone if they do extensive research and learn all the benefits of the various options.  St. Andrew’s wishes all a joyous holiday and hopes that all families can worry less when addressing a difficult family situation.

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