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Ageless Remarkable St. Louisans - 2005

Rosemary Armbruster

“Being involved in something you enjoy; contributing in any way, makes all the difference.”

Rosemary has been a much-respected, well-versed volunteer at the Botanical Garden’s Herbarium Library for 20+ years.

Sarah Babington

“It’s very satisfying – giving your time and trying to help others. You meet wonderful people and learn fantastic things.”

Friends describe Sarah as “tireless, dedicated, amazing.”

The Rev. James D’Wolf

“I have never accepted the idea that there is a pre-determined retirement age.”

A pastoral associate at the Church of St. Michael and St. George, Father D’Wolf brings spiritual services and comfort to shut-ins, nursing home and hospital patients.

Jeanette Dowd

“I’ve always had this philosophy that it’s best to get off your duff and just do it. You always feel so much better when you’re doing something for other people.”

Even before she was “old enough” Jeanette was involved with the Five Star Senior Center.

Leo Drey

“I can’t imagine crawling into a shell and not doing anything, not contributing in some way.”

A conservationist and philanthropist, Leo has donated more than 146,000 acres of southern Missouri forest land to the St. Louis-based L-A-D Foundation.

Robert Drummond

“I celebrate my age. It’s now that I can continue to grow, to find new interests, and do those things I never had time to do before.”

Robert Drummond Elementary School in Pattonville is named for him, a result of Bob’s decades of service as a school board member and his passion for education.

Marjorie (Midge) Eddy

“I owe my love of opera to my parents and have great satisfaction in passing that love along to young people.” 

For Midge there has always been the sound of music, the beautiful tones of opera. For 31 years, she has served as chair of the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions in St. Louis.

Arthur Friskel, M.D.

“My best advice for seniors is to keep busy and to work at staying healthy; and, this is important: enjoy other people.”

Dr. Friskel maintains a full-time practice, makes house calls and often visits nursing home residents, some of whom are younger than he.

Clifton Gates

“You either wear out or rust out. I’m determined not to rust out.”

As a teenager, Clifton often walked from his inner city home to the Muny Opera, sat in the free seats and relished its musical productions. Now he is a lifetime Muny Board member.

Bruce Higginbotham

“I refuse to just sit and rock away the rest of my life. It’s so much better to be involved, to be busy, to contribute in some way."

It is not part of Bruce’s nature to sit on the sidelines.  He continues “on the job” running the Higginbotham Brothers home building company.

Sally Higginbotham

“I am so fortunate to have good health and the opportunity to help others. It is both a privilege and a pleasure.”

For nearly 25 years, Sally has been delivering Meals on Wheels— and her caring friendship — to seniors who otherwise might go without.

Charles Jackson

“Just taking it easy isn’t fun or productive. I want to give something back to the community.”

Charles is all about his fellow seniors as he serves in important positions with the American Association of Retired Persons and the National Association of Active and Retired Federal Employees.

David Kipnis, M.D.

“It is a joy continuing to contribute, continuing to be a part of something that benefits others.”

Dr. Kipnis is a pioneer conducting ground-breaking research related to diabetes and similar conditions.

Betty Manlin

“As we grow older, it’s foolish and wasteful just to sit back and wait for ‘the end.’ Rather, maintain an interest in something, in everything.”

Affectionately known as the Butterfly Lady, Betty teaches butterfly biology to school children at the Botanical Gardens and in the classroom.

Martin Mathews

“It’s a wonderful gift older people have – their expertise and wisdom. Sharing them with young people is a joy.”

The co-founder and president / CEO of the Mathews-Dickey Boys’ and Girls’ Club, Martin annually touches the lives of 40,000 young people who come to the club and participate in its sports and educational programs.

Sister Mary Noreen McGowan, FSM

“No matter what our age, our background, or what we do, love is still the strongest thing in the world.”

As a retired nurse and nursing school faculty member, Sister is an honored “pioneer in humanizing health care for children.” But her best reward and sweetest recognition come from the families and children for whom she cares.

Jefferson Miller

“There is no point to giving in to ‘old age.’ Keep on going, and taking part; keep on enjoying.”

Jeff is a man for all seasons. He is a successful businessman with a long career as a bank executive and as the owner of a sporting goods store.

Roger Nelson, M.D.

“Follow the little voice inside of you. I think the Lord leads us; sometimes we just have to be quiet and listen to what He has to say.”

A retired internist, Dr. Nelson helps to administer the Spiritual Growth Program for the Salvation Army at its Harbor Light location, where he assists and counsels recovering addicts, and leads them in Bible study.

Faye Beth O’Byrne

“I believe that when we’re no longer interested in or involved with others, we curl up and die inside.”

Faye Beth invests her resources, her time and expertise — and her heart — in special pets and special people.

Sister Mary Patricia Rives, RSCJ

“The key to living long and productively is loving God and all His creations.”

A school nurse at Villa Dushesne/Oak Hill School of the Sacred Heart, she teaches students to be environmentally friendly citizens.

Albert Schoenbeck

“Remaining active and involved are key to enjoying life as we grow older.” 

Albert is a seasoned practitioner of the law and wise counselor. And, as a concerned citizen, he has accepted several political appointments related to community service.

Mildred Spitzer

“I really enjoy being with other people and staying active. I’ve never been one to sit and watch the world go by.”

Mildred is a centenarian and still “rocking.” One day each week, she lovingly rocks babies at the University City Children’s Center.

Ruediger Thalmann, M.D.

“I’ve never grown up; never accepted the idea that I am growing older.”

Dr. Thalmann is a physician and Professor Emeritus and Lecturer at Washington University specializing in research related to hearing and deafness.

Helen Weiss

“Keep learning; exercise the mind and the body; and, have a good time.”

Helen stays involved, stays motivated because, she says, it’s so much fun.

Eugenia Zacny

“Life, you could say, is a lot like a game of tennis. The score is not all that important. It’s the fact that you play.”

Eugenia has been playing tennis for more than 70 years, and is a long-time competitor and champion in the Senior Olympics.