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Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP)
Tax Credits Now Available!

You can help seniors in need
for 19 cents on the dollar or less!

NAP Tax Credits Now Available!

Funding for the NAP tax credit program will help provide in-home care and Geriatric Care Management for 25 low-income seniors.
Your support will allow seniors to remain living safely and independently in their own homes.

Visit our new Tax Credit Benefit Calculator and to learn more about how using tax credits to help seniors in need can benefit you.

There are 4 easy steps:

  1. Make a donation of cash or stock to St. Andrew's At-Home Services
  2. Complete the one-page application
  3. Return application to St. Andrew's Charitable Foundation
  4. Claim your tax credit when you file your taxes

For additional information, contact Bernadette at St. Andrew's Charitable Foundation via phone at 314-802-1937 or by email at

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Wool Challenge

Marvin and Harlene Wool Challenge

The Marvin and Harlene Wool $50,000 Challenge

A Great Success!

The Marvin and Harlene Wool $50,000 Challenge was a great success during the Ageless Remarkable Saint Louisans Gala held on November 15 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown St. Louis to help benefit seniors in need. In 2011, Marvin and Harlene Wool inititated the Wool Challenge, matching donations made at the Ageless Remarkable Saint Louisans Gala. This year's $50,000 Wool Challenge led to an additional $95,000 in matching funds from the Gala attendees. This generosity, combined with more than $290,000 in support from our valued sponsors, made it possible to raise more than $400,000 at this year's event. St. Andrew's cherishes dear memories of Marvin. His tremendous support and guidance is an important legacy for St. Andrew's and on those we serve. It is a legacy that Harlene continues today.

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